Specific heat of a metal lab worksheet answers

On a sunny day, the water in a swimming pool may warm up a degree or two while the concrete around the pool may become too hot to walk on in your bare feet.

This may seem strange because both the concrete and the water are being heated by the same source — the sun. This evidence suggests it takes more heat to raise the temperature of some substance than others.

This, in fact, is true: the amount of heat required to equally raise the temperature of equal masses of different substances depends on what the substances are. The amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance by one Celsius degree is called the specific heat capacity, or simply the specific heat, of that substance.

Water, for example, has a specific heat of 4. Other substances, as well as other phases of the same substance, have different specific heats.

The Specific Heat of a Metal Lab

This value is high in comparison with the specific heats for other materials such as concrete. In this experiment you will use a simple calorimeter and your knowledge of the specific heat of water to determine the specific heat of an unknown metal. Using this equation in conjunction with the equation above, you will be able to determine the specific heat of the unknown metal.

Furthermore, since specific heat is a characteristic of a given substance, you will be able to use the value of the specific heat to identify the identity of the metal. MATERIALS LabPro system 1 styrofoam cup TI graphing calculator 1 ring stand temperature probe 1 ring support link cable 1 Bunsen burner 1 - mL beaker 1 striker 1 - mL beaker 1 wire gauze 1 - mL graduated cylinder 1 pair of crucible tongs 1 thermometer cylinder of metal 1 large test tube water 1 utility test tube clamp.

Heat mL of water in a mL beaker on a hot plate until it is boiling gently. While the water is heating, determine the mass of a clean, dry cylinder of metal. Be sure to record the identity of the metal. Gently transfer the cylinder to a large, dry test tube.

Use the test tube clamp to suspend the test tube in the boiling water. The cylinder should be below the level of the water in the beaker. Leave the test tube in the water bath for at least 15 minutes. Place a thermometer into the test tube with the cylinder. Meanwhile, proceed with steps While the cylinder is heating, measure 50 mL of distilled water in a graduated cylinder.

Record the exact value to the maximum precision available. Pour the water into a styrofoam cup and place the cup in a mL beaker for support as shown in Figure 1.

How to Calculate the Specific Heat Capacity of an Unknown Metal through Calorimetry

Use the link cable to connect the TI Graphing Calculator to the interface. Firmly press in the cable ends. You are now at the main screen of the program.

specific heat of a metal lab worksheet answers

Set up the calculator and interface for the Temperature Probe. If it does not, continue with this step to set up your sensor manually. Set up the data-collection mode.

The length of the data collection will be 4 minutes.

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Select OK to return to the setup screen. Select OK again to return to the main screen. Lower the temperature probe into the water in the styrofoam cup. After the cylinder has heated for about 15 minutes, measure the temperature in the test tube with the thermometer Ti metal.In this lesson students design a lab to determine the identity of an unknown metal through using specific heat calculations.

This lesson builds on the previous lessons in the unit where students have already learned about specific heat capacity and have performed several calorimetry experiments including finding the heat of fusion of ice, the calories in a Cheeto, the calories of food virtuallyand the heat capacity of various substances virtually.

I begin the lesson by having students take several minutes to read over the specific heat of a metal lab paper to themselves. As students perform the lab I walk around to make sure that students are on task, help with questions, and review several parts of the lab that confuse students. From grading the labs I found that the hardest struggle for students was being complete with writing their procedures and correctly plugging in their values for the analysis section.

Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. Professional Learning. Learn more about. Sign Up Log In. High School Chemistry Rachel Meisner. Student will be able to identify an unknown metal through performing an experiment to gather necessary specific heat data.

Big Idea The specific heat of a substance is unique and allows scientists to determine the substance's identity. Lesson Author. Grade Level. Exothermic Reactions. HS-PS Create a computational model to calculate the change in the energy of one component in a system when the change in energy of the other component s and energy flows in and out of the system are known. SP3 Planning and carrying out investigations. It does so because students use the specific heat equation to calculate the specific heat of an unknown metal.

It does so because students are thinking about specific heat and how energy is transferred between systems. This lesson aligns with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practice 3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations: It does so because students come up with their own procedures for planning the lab and then carrying out the lab to gather the necessary data.

Explain 10 minutes. After several minutes I get students' attention and review the lab with them. I ask students what the goal of the lab is and call on a student to share out.

I then show students examples of the metals and tell them that this is similar to what they did in Unit 1 where they identified an unknown metal using density see my lesson Density Part II and Reviewbut this time they will be using specific heat.

I explain to students that they will be using calorimetry similar to the labs that they previously did in the unit to come up with their own procedures to perform this lab. I then point out the equations that students will be using to find specific heat capacity.

I tell students that they will be coming up with their own procedures and to make sure that they are written so that somebody else could read through them and perform the lab. I point out that the five measurements indicated on the paper should be able to be found when following their written procedures.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name.

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Help with Specific heat lab?

Unanswered Questions. Wiki User The value of the specific heat of a metal depends on the kind of metal, as of any other material it is a specific physical property. Some examples: Iron Fe Accompanied by the term ' specific ' it it expressed as heat capacity per amount mole or mass of the considered substance J. Lithium is the metal that has the highest specific heat capacity.

Asked in Science, Chemistry It takes To compute the specific heat for the metal you need the change in temperature and the mass of the metal. The specific heat of the metal is therefore Asked in Physics, Chemistry The specific heat of which metal is 0. The solid with a specific heat of 0. Asked in Chemistry, Elements and Compounds Which metal has the lowest specific heat capacity? Gold has the lowest specific heat capacity. Asked in Chemistry Describe how you could determine the specific heat of a metal?

Measure the temperature of a sample of metal. Heat it in a degree Celsius bath and then put into a Styrofoam cup of water. Wait for the temperature to reach equilibrium and record the change in the water's temperature. Knowing the specific heat of water, the specific heat of the metal is easily found.

Specific Heat Of A Metal

Asked in Science Why metal feels cold but wood warm? The answer lies in a property called "specific heat". Specific heat describes the amount of energy needed to raise a material's temperature by one degree.

Metal has a low specific heat, so it warms up fast and cools fast. Wood has a higher specific heat, so these processes are slower. Asked in Atomic Mass What type of relationship is there between the specific heat of a metal and its atomic mass? As atomic mass increases, specific heat capacity decreases. Asked in Metal and Alloys What is the specific heat of aluminium metal?

The specific heat of aluminum is 0. The specific heat of water is high. An example of an object with low specific heat would be a metal pan. Since specific heat is the energy needed to raise 1g of something 1 degree Celsius, water would have a high specific heat. Asked in Science, Physics, Chemistry If a student was transferring metal to a calorimeter and water splashes out will it affect the specific heat of the metal?

Asked in Physics, Chemistry Why is measured amount of water is needed to determine the specific heat of a metal object? Asked in Chemistry What metal has a specific heat of 0.Tasha, United States Iceland Full Circle, October 2012 It was a great trip.

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specific heat of a metal lab worksheet answers

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specific heat of a metal lab worksheet answers

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Specific Heat of a Metal Lab

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specific heat of a metal lab worksheet answers

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